The scenario of new thrust in the field of science & technology is to have new breeds of engineers & technocrats with special skill-sets, attitude & adaptability with no end. The present day technical education requires multi-dimensional learning & curriculum to be in pace with global trend. So these students require a comprehensive platform with good educational Institutions to learn with innovative quality & leadership. The SLC’s Institute of Engineering & Technology holds the noble objective of promoting innovative and creative brains in the field of technology with strong moral and ethical values.


Dear Students, parents and executives of the companies, I welcome one and all to SLC’s Institute of Engineering & Technology Hyderabad, an institution of higher learning.

SLCIET is committed to provide quality/relevant education and to enhance its practices by applying the best national and international practices.

“Education is a fundamental human right and an essential tool to ensure the full blossoming of the potentialities of each individual. Knowledge gives wings to the mind and is the food of the soul. Only the educated are free. The training of human resources is one of the principal factors in achieving sustainable economic and social development”.

The main objectives of the Institution are promoting higher education and research by encouraging staff and students to the highest levels making engineering professionals possessing competence, commitment and confidence. We are committed to enhance the quality of education and to create confidence and a secured environment to students. We enable success to students in chosen career, through regular and continuing education. We aspire to aid the pursuit of knowledge in students. The future is not in the hands of fate, but in ours. Claim as high as you can dream, to contribute towards the capacity of India to take part in the technological revolution.

I draw the attention of all the students to follow the college and university regulations strictly to maintain good academic atmosphere in the institution.

If you have a vision in which you can believe, there’s no end to the amount of things you can accomplish.

I congratulate all the students, who have achieved excellent and outstanding performance in the academic work during the previous academic year/s. I expect and wish all the students to improve further in achieving greater performance in their future semesters.

You may not have to be faced with the obstacles and challenges that men of courage such as Martin Luther King and Mohandas K. Gandhi have had to endure, but there will be times when the courageous path will be the best.

Dear students, we, educators instill in you the ability to know right from wrong and act according to your conscience and not mere convenience. Management supports to the fullest extent in building the institution as center of excellence. The staff and students are being recognized for their academic excellence and encouraged by cash awards and medals.

Teachers have challenged student’s minds with friendly competition. Foundation has been build upon, which can only be constructed with the bricks and mortar of education, with lot of commitment to build the nation and make true the vision 2020 of our beloved Ex-President of India APJ Abdul Kalam that ours, is a developed country.

The Institution is striving to achieve reputation for excellence attracting the most talented engineering students all over the country.